Monitoring anaerobic activity

Sep 15, 2013 | ACADEMY

How to analyse metabolic power in relation to individual characteristics
Monitoring anaerobic activity with GPS

This article was updated on 12 September 2017.

Is there any advantage in representing the performance of the player using the metabolic power approach?

Yes, there is a two-fold advantage. On one hand, the metabolic power allows considering the combined effect of speed and acceleration together, a crucial point if we deal with team sports. On the other, it’s much easier to analyse the performance on an individual basis by using the maximal aerobic power of the athlete (VO₂max) which, of course, can be expressed in the same unit of metabolic power.

The “critical” aerobic power threshold is very important in the assessment of the overall performance because it separates quite clearly the amount of energy from aerobic sources (i.e the activity below the threshold) fr...


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