Football analysis comparison

Jan 25, 2014 | ACADEMY

Three approaches compared
Football video analysis, GPS tracking and football speed radar on the pitch

The paragraphs that follow are devoted to a comparison of three systems commonly utilised to collect information on the players’ positions during football matches or training: football video analysis (SICS Videomatch at 25 Hz), GPS (Exelio GPEXE at 20 Hz) and a football speed radar (Stalker ATS II at 100 Hz).

The accuracy of each system will be verified comparing first the results obtained by Videomatch to those obtained GPEXE; subsequently, the results obtained by this last will be compared with those obtained by Radar.

This will show that the information yielded by GPEXE is indeed quite accurate, thus allowing us to move confidently to the second aim of this brief paper, i.e. to illustrate the physiological and athletic relevance of the data that can be obtained by GP...


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