Metabolic power performance analysis

Aug 3, 2014 | ACADEMY

Metabolic power: is it all so simple? (part 1)
A performance analysis based on metabolic power values

Recently the estimate of metabolic power has started playing a key role in the conditioning training of soccer players. Even though the approach we adopted has its own limitations and has been widely debated since 2005, there’s no doubt that the evaluation of metabolic power is very useful for calculating energy expenditure during phases of play characterized by frequent accelerations and decelerations. The metabolic power required for these phases can undergo significant variations and may reach peaks of 100 W∙kg-1, a value which corresponds to an oxygen demand of 290 ml /kg min and can thus be considered higher than any possible maximum value of oxygen consumption. Indeed, taking into consideration the average value of metabolic power produced during an exercise may be useful t...


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