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Oct 15, 2014 | PEOPLE

Udinese using GPEXE: Sky Sport24 report: An abstract from the TV interview to the Udinese Calcio fitness coach Federico Pannonicini and Antonio di Natale

“Speaking about numbers, Giorgia, tell him that he’s the only player that in the past years did better than Tevez! ”

Sky Sport24 broadcasted a live TV report in which Antonio Di Natale (Totò), one of the best Italian striker ever, the sixth-highest goalscorer in Serie A history, was wearing our GPEXE vest. In this live interview at the Udinese Training Ground, the journalists made some joke with Di Natale who, because of the “numbers” gotten from GPEXE, he himself cannot cheat anymore ;).
Even Federico Pannoncini, at that time the Udinese Calcio fitness coach talks about how he uses some numbers, but not only: here is his interview transcript.
One of the Di Natale secrets of his success is that he has a tailor-made training ju...


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