Albania National Football Team’s gpexe experience

Feb 20, 2017 | PEOPLE

An interview with the S&C coach Alberto Bellé

It's a matter of fact that Albania is in the same way as the other European countries whose national teams historically ruled the world wild competitions over the years. As a consequence, the most important clubs around Europe have many Albanian players in their teams. In this interview, Alberto Bellé shares his experience as strength and conditioning coach of the Albania national football team, in which he tells us how he does his job using GPEXE and how he faces the peculiar condition of training a national team.
Being a fitness coach of a national team means working at intervals with athletes that during the season are trained in other clubs. What is your experience about monitoring and managing the data of the players involved?
It is not easy to have accurate data of the athletes that during the year are trained in other clubs. T...


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