Ballyboden St. Enda’s: 10 gpexe people Q&As

Apr 19, 2018 | PEOPLE

Performance Analyst Shane Mangan shares his experience on how he uses gpexe to monitor the athletic performance of the Ballyboden St. Enda’s Gaelic football team, easily managing 30 units and quickly exporting specific data to a customized database.
1) How often do you utilise gpexe?

I have been using the gpexe lt system for over a year. Previously I used it with several teams in the Gaelic sports of Gaelic football, hurling and camogie.
Currently, I work with an amateur Gaelic football team so we use the system three days a week – two days for training and one day for matches.

2) Which parameters supplied by gpexe are you particularly interested in and why?
The main parameters that I focus on are total distance, distance in particular speed zones, maximum speed, accelerations and decelerations. I really like the fact that with the gpexe web app, I can export all the raw data fr...


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