SS Lazio: 10 gpexe people Q&As

May 9, 2018 | PEOPLE

Prof. Alessandro Fonte, SS Lazio fitness coach since 2012 explains how he uses the gpexe system to monitor the athletes’ constancy of performance and to set up in advance loads of training thanks to the exercises database into the gpexe web app.
1) How often do you utilise gpexe?

We use gpexe units every day. Last year we only excluded the sessions the day before the match, whilst this year we monitor those trainings as well because in our case they have a fair workload. Then, during the match, we use gpexe indirectly by obtaining data from video tracking. The reason why we use them in training is to control the workload for that day itself and for the short, medium and long term. This allows us not only to monitor the load but also the individual performance over time; weekly monitoring also helps us to create a training performance model.
We need to track the game too, because it ...


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