Analysis of external load in professional soccer: small sided games played with wildcard players

Jul 10, 2018 | ACADEMY

Training Load and Recovery in Football - XXVIII Convegno Nazionale AIPAC

The research is oriented to understand and analyze different ball exercises (SSG) with wildcard players (WP) that are carried out during the training sessions (Castellano et al.,2016; Sanchez-Sanchez et al.,2017,2018).
The aim of study is to analyze two SSG formats with WP and goalkeepers (GK).
N°12 professional soccer players (24.7±3.9years, 78.4±4.2kg, 182.9±4.5cm) performed 5vs5+2GK+6WP (Fig.1) and in 6vs6+2GK+6WP (Fig. 2) (60x35m) and were monitored with GPS (GPEXE® SYSTEM, EXELIOsrl, Udine, Italy) at 18.18Hz during 4x3'(Rec. 1'). The parameters analyzed were: total distance, maximum speed, maximum power, distance at moderate (14.50-19.90km/h) and high intensity (19.90-25.20km/h), distance at high (20-55W/Kg) and at maximum power (>55W/Kg).
The resul...


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