Anaerobic metabolism in soccer: Analysis of external load of Primavera Championship with Gps Devices

Jul 30, 2018 | ACADEMY

Training Load and Recovery in Football - XXVIII Convegno Nazionale AIPAC

Soccer is a multifaceted sport. Performance depends on many factors: technical, biomechanical, tactical, mental and physical.
The purpose of this study is the analysis, through the use of GPS devices, of the parameter of the external load of anaerobic metabolism in official championship matches. This study considers: time match, players’ roles and round.
We used GPS devices (GPEXE 18 Hz) to analyze a team of 28 soccer players without goalkeepers (age 18,6 ± 0.629 years; height 1,79±0.062 m; weight 74.4±6,901 kg).We recorded 22 matches of “Primavera” championship choosing only the players who finished the match.
We analyzed some parameters: Distance, Equivalent Distance Coverage, Anaerobic Energy, Accelerations, Decelerations, Metabolic Power and Recovery times.The statistical analysis wa...


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