FC Inter Primavera: 10 gpexe people Q&As

Sep 7, 2018 | PEOPLE

At the end of last season, after winning a great Primavera Championship, Fitness Coach Mario Familari shared his experience on how he used gpexe to monitor the athletic performance of FC Inter Primavera's players.
1) How often do you utilise gpexe?
We use gpexe in all sessions, except the day before the match, and in all friendly and official games. We decided not to monitor the training the day before the games.
This is because of the little interest that we would have from the load analysis point of view and to highlight the importance of these sessions from the mental point of view.

2) Which parameters supplied by gpexe are you particularly interested in and why?
First of all, we focus on the equivalent distance index because, together with the total distance, it shows the player’s commitment during the session.
Secondly, I only use energy expenditure if I need to highlight an...


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