High metabolic load distance (HMLD)

Oct 19, 2018 | ACADEMY

High metabolic load distance (HMLD): it’s not what it should be when dealing with the energy balance.
The energetic variables based on the metabolic power model have become widespread parameters to assess team sport demands. In addition to the basic metrics suggested by the authors, many other proposals have found common practical application either because they were developed by some “celebrity practitioner” or because they are available in the widely used tracking systems.
One of the most common parameters when dealing with metabolic variables is the high metabolic load distance (HMLD) which is defined as the distance, in meters, covered by a player when the metabolic power exceeds 25.5 W⋅kg⁻¹. This parameter is assumed to yield a “better measure to represent the total high-intensity activity” since it includes both high speed running (> 5.5 m⋅s⁻¹) or high acceleration activities....


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