UC Sampdoria: 10 gpexe people Q&As

Oct 26, 2018 | PEOPLE

Massimo Catalano, fifteen years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach in Serie A, from SS Lazio to Palermo Calcio, ACF Fiorentina and finally to UC Sampdoria with whom he has been working for 5 years, explains how he uses the gpexe system. He also shares some data and reflections on both an annual trend of training sessions and matches and invite us to facilitate the creation of a network of gpexe users to be able to share data, points of view and thus have a greater number of references.
1) How often do you utilise gpexe?

We use the system every day, but not during matches, where instead we collect the data from the video tracking and then import and integrate them on the web app.

2) Which parameters supplied by gpexe are you particularly interested in and why?
The main parameters that we take into consideration are power events, accelerations, decelerations, Edward...


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