F-v profile in the game

Nov 23, 2018 | ACADEMY

In the previous article, we have seen how the force-velocity profile and the maximum power are fundamental parameters for sprint capacities and in particular the related horizontal components (3, 4).
We have also seen the relationship between force and speed during a maximal sprint (see fig. 1).

Figure 1
Is it possible to get the individual F-V profile (as obtained during a 30-m max sprint) even from the data of an official match? In this case, the fitness coaches could obtain the profile in an easier way, without having to perform a maximal test, generally not appreciated by the athletes.
Six players (FC SÜDTIROL - Italian third division) were monitored during a single league game. Figure 2 shows the summary graph relating to a player. For ease of reading, on the vertical axis, the acceleration has been inserted instead of the force, since the acceleration, neglecting the fricti...


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