the battle of thresholds and the misused concept of ‘high-intensity‘ (part 1)

Mar 5, 2019 | ACADEMY

What do we really analyse?
I presume you’ve dealt with many tracking reports and, as it has often happened to me, you probably did not fully understand the meaning of the proposed thresholds. Indeed, I often mulled over the following question: “what happens to the athlete above this threshold?”. The answer is very different, depending on the parameter considered...

Usually, speed thresholds are used to determine speed categories and describe a number of occurrences, times and distances performed within each category. The underlying assumption is that the greater the activity in the higher speed categories, the higher the intensity sustained by the player.
For many years, we have argued that this is not the case, because speed alone does not take the high metabolic cost of accelerations into account, obviously occurring more frequently when the speed is low. For example, durin...


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