Usain Bolt: metabolic power analysis of a top sprinter

Apr 16, 2019 | ACADEMY

A paradigmatic example of intensity in team sports. A brief Comment by Pietro E. di Prampero, Cristian Osgnach and Ivan Zadro
We have recently followed, either personally, or via the press and the available media, several meetings and seminars dealing with the physiology and biomechanics of team sports, soccer in particular. We have been rather surprised to notice that often (too often, indeed) the speed of the player on the terrain is considered as a reliable measure of the corresponding exercise intensity, be it during a training drill or a match. However, as pointed out on several occasions, the running speed is a correct index of the corresponding exercise intensity only when the speed itself is constant in time. The few paragraphs that follow are dedicated to illustrating this state of affairs on the basis of a paradigmati...


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