the battle of thresholds and the misused concept of ‘high-intensity‘ (part 2)

May 21, 2019 | ACADEMY

What do we really analyse?
In part 1, we dealt with the separate use of speed and acceleration to detect the most intense phases of the match and/or training. For both parameters, we highlighted the main limits of considering them separately. In the following paragraphs we will describe the so-called ‘high intensity’ using different criteria, realizing how easy it is to grab the wrong end of the stick.
the combined speed & acceleration analysis

figure 1: see text for details.
For simplicity, we refer to the representation above where acceleration/deceleration is given on the X-axis and speed on the Y-axis (figure 1). In this graph it’s very convenient to draw the thresholds discussed in part 1 (figure 2), but the conclusions would be the same even when using different thresholds:

high-speed threshold (horizontal blue line...


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