#gpexePeople – An interview with Prof. Paolo Barbero

Apr 1, 2020 | PEOPLE

Hellas Verona, promoted to Serie A at the end of last year and performing very well so far this season, is a gpexe customer from summer 2019. Prof. Paolo Barbero, fitness coach and a veteran gpexe user, explains why the gpexe system has been chosen by his new club.

Paolo Barbero - Hellas Verona Fitness Coach
How important is it for you to have a tracking system with an easy setup and ready for use in a few minutes?
It's very important for us to be able to know, at the end of each session of training, every match or event, the external load data. Particularly, having straightaway the chance to internally discuss them, with the staff, the head coach and other colleagues; being able to correlate them to the video. In some occasion, it is also very useful to have the live data so that we can modulate the external load ...


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