Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio – Part 1

Jun 16, 2020 | ACADEMY, PEOPLE

The ideal training stimulus maximises performance and simultaneously reduces the negative consequences of the training, i.e. the onset of fatigue and the risk of injury. The ratio between the workload carried out during the last week ("acute workload") and the average of the workloads sustained in the previous four weeks ("chronic workload") is called Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR) and leads you to more accurate workload planning.
1. Introduction
Appropriate workload planning represents one of the most important aspects to improve physical performance and minimise the risk of injury [1]. The ideal training stimulus is indeed what maximises the performance and simultaneously limits the negative consequences of the training itself, that is to say, the occurrence of fatigue and the likelihood of injury [2, 3]. As a mat...


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