Players’ profiling: the Metabolic Power profile

Aug 14, 2020 | ACADEMY, WEBINAR

Test your players without testing them. How to obtain an individual metabolic power profile (MPP) by considering a specific time period of normal training?
Metabolic Power Profile
In last month's gpexe webinar, Dr J Cassirame, C. Osgnach and Prof PE di Prampero presented the metabolic power profile for team sports. Here is an extract of Prof di Prampero presentation.

Gpexe implemented the MP profile, together with the Acceleration Speed profile, into the gpexe web app. Both profiles are now available in a beta version for all gpexe users.
This feature will make your job easier, faster, and at the same time more effective. As a gpexe user, you will be able to assess the maximal behaviour of each player in a few clicks and visualise it on the gpexe web app in an easy-to-read format. You will no longer need a specific testing s...


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