Usque ad veritatem

Aug 28, 2020 | ACADEMY

Prof. PE di Prampero's answer to Martin Buchheit publication.

I read recently the short note by Martin Buchheit (Buchheit, 2020) wherein he recalls the first occasion in which we met personally in Clairefontaine (France), at a meeting organised by the “Institut de Formation du Football” in December 2011, and I feel somewhat embarrassed by his kind and appreciative words. I remember perfectly well our numerous formal and informal discussions devoted, on the one side to the rigorous content of our scientific presentations and, on the other, to the need of making the underlying theoretical bases as clear as possible and of concrete practical value for the everyday activities on the terrain.
As concerns my presentations to the meeting, I remember trying to adhere to this line of thinking illustrating to the audience a study publi...


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