Metabolic Power takes to the Field – part 2

Nov 10, 2020 | ACADEMY, WEBINAR

"Metabolic Power takes to the field" is part of a series of webinars held by Cristian Osgnach to go deeper on the workload analysis and the concepts of metabolic power and high-intensity through specific examples on the field.
Part 2
Workload monitoring is one of the main goals for a football fitness coach, keen to use any tracking system. The interest is to evaluate the overall volume or, referring to the energetic approach, to identify the high-intensity volume.
The parameters used to define the high-intensity by the traditional approach are mainly two:
• the activity carried out above a speed thresholds, here 20 km﹒h⁻¹, often defined as "high speed running" (HSR), • the activity carried out above an acceleration threshold, here 2.5 m﹒s⁻².

What will be the amount of high speed distance in the three proposed exercises ...


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