Valerio Roberti and Marco Vettor are strongly tied by their computer science skills and by passion for sport, together with the ambition to create their own business. Therefore in 2009 they founded Exelio srl with the objective of creating an activity through their passions.

In the first project they faced a great technical challenge developing Liza, an innovative iPhone application that uses the built-in accelerometer to measure the muscular power. It was an effective way to increase their experience with the MEMS sensors and their network of relationships, especially in the sports world.

They also worked on Flowguard, a software as a service for the network monitoring; this project was out of the main company mission but related to their skills and another good step to grow and to start the development of web applications. At that time Emanuele Paolini join them as a new partner in the company bringing great expertise about mathematics, algorithms and programming.

Exelio focused again in the sport projects developing TeamPlus, a custom web application for Udinese Calcio to manage all the data related to the training sessions, the fitness tests and the medical treatments of the players. This was a very important step to enter the professional soccer world, working side by side with all the members of a club. Soon two other clubs, Watford and Granada, decided to make use of this application and this deal helped financially the company to develop the GPEXE project.

With GPEXE, the ambition of Marco and Valerio led them to make a hardware and software system aimed to monitor the physical performance of the athletes. They involved many people with different skills, like electronic engineers, mathematicians, programmers, designers and physiologists, specifically Pietro Enrico di Prampero and Cristian Osgnach who started a fruitful collaboration with Exelio developing a new analysis model of the performance based on metabolic power.

Some months later, after coming a long way and hundreds of tests, they got the first working device. It was January of 2013 when Udinese used the system for the first time, and soon Granada and Watford joined it. In a short time many other Italian clubs chose GPEXE to track the players and the dream of Marco and Valerio came true: the company was taking off.

Exelio invested more and more resources and energy to improve the system adding new features, like the real time tracking, and creating the new device GPEXE LT (April 2016), the little brother of GPEXE PRO.

Today GPEXE is the most advanced and accurate tracking system on the market and it is used by dozen of clients all around the world, thanks also to a network of distributors.

The company is still growing fast, with new people involved and new projects in progress, like the device to monitor the goalkeeper activities using the inertial sensors and the LPS system for the indoor tracking.

Marco and Valerio are always driven by passion and use their resilience to face new challenges.

Valerio Roberti and Marco Vettor EXELIO Founders - GPEXE

The Exelio founders Valerio Roberti and Marco Vettor


Exelio studies and implements original hardware and software systems that focus on sport. The company enjoys designing and developing its projects to meet the needs of multiple clients.

The VISION of the company is:

for each sportsman an innovative system that measures the performance to overcome his own limits.

The MISSION of the company is:

developing and providing hardware and software systems characterized by high technological content aimed at getting information from professional and everyday athlete performances and making it easy to support their decisions.


TeamPlus is a web application developed in collaboration with Udinese Calcio for managing the data regarding trainings, strength and conditioning activities and the athlete medical care.
TeamPlus was made for soccer teams, but it can manage useful information for any kind of team sport. It envisages a multiple-team management, and allows then to record information for more championships at once (e.g. first league, academy…) and for more sport seasons.

Liza is an innovative application for iphone / ipod touch aimed at measuring muscle performance. The user of a gym, through predetermined exercises on different muscle groups – in the first version half squat and bench press – can get information (maximum power, 1RM, …) from the performed exercise. The device is fixed to the machine used for the exercise (usually the barbell) and Liza uses the accelerometer integrated in the iphone/ipod touch to record the acceleration during the execution, calculating then speed and other output data by means of a special algorithm. Click here to see the dedicate website.

Flowguard is a monitoring system for LAN and WAN networks that uses Netflow/SFlow protocols and allows to obtain information about how the resources are used through an user-friendly graphical interface. In particular Flowguard permits to detect wich computers and wich applications are using the bandwidth. Click here to see the dedicate website.