• 20Hz GPS receiver
    20Hz GPS receiver

    GPEXE is the first GPS professional device that works with a sampling frequency of 20Hz

  • Wireless device

    The battery recharge and the data transfer require no cables or connectors

  • Web app GPEXE
    Web app GPEXE

    Users can connect and consult data via any device with internet access, PC, tablet or smartphone


  • Metabolic power
    Metabolic power

    View the high power events and the oxygen consumption during the tracked session

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A system for sports performance analysis

Innovative Method and Technology with GPEXE

GPEXE System is a system aimed to analyse sports performance of athletes that works through the following steps.

Data collection of spot performance
The GPEXE Device is inserted into a special vest and positioned onto the back of the athlete. The device detects the position, speed, acceleration and power of the athlete and store them in its memory. The device also records heart rate values ‚Äč‚Äčreceived from an Polar heart rate strap.

Wireless data transfer of sport performance
All data collected from one or more GPEXE Devices are transmitted through a high speed connection to a computer, then via internet to GPEXE Cloud.
This takes place automatically and in only a few seconds per device.

Sports performance analysis with cloud software
Through the GPEXE Web Application the user can view and analyze all recorded data and in particular information summaries, plots and statistical reports for specific sessions or for the entire season. The software, in the form of a¬†web application, is accessible using any common web browser running on any device - PC, tablet or smartphone ‚Äď by any authorized users.

For the data processing, both speed and acceleration are considered when calculating metabolic power parameter. This si fundamental to allow an accurate assessment of the athletic effort.

The performance analysis obtained by the system is extremely useful in identifying the physical behavior of the athlete in order to then plan an optimal workload and training method.