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user stories

For several years we have been using the technology provided by gpexe. Both the use of GPS and the live option have now become an integral part of our routine procedure.

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It allows us to monitor and possibly correct the proposed exercises. Downloading data is smart and speedy: those are crucial features to immediately provide the technical staff and players with the results achieved. The software is easy to use and to understand: it allows you to analyse the information, based on the goals of the session, taking into consideration the metrics of interest for that specific session. We are also impressed by the speed of response of technical support. I feel like saying that, with gpexe, you can analyse data faster and smarter.

Rocco Perrotta

Fitness Coach, FC Empoli, 2020

I use the gpexe system in my daily routine. With its intuitive software, I am offered the opportunity to estimate both the metabolic and muscular components of the exercises proposed during training. It allows me to have a qualitative and quantitative analytical point of view of the work done by the players to evaluate the approach to the game.
Danilo Massi

Fitness Coach, Parma Calcio, 2020

We have been using gpexe system since summer 2019.
Before we used another system and it took a lot of time to create a report.
Now it takes a few minutes to download your data and create a report. You can create several reports with different parameters for each staff member: the Doctor, the Fitness Coach and the Head Coach.
It’s very easy to use.
Nicolay Shamardin

Data Analyst, SC Dnipro-1, 2020

Before the purchase of gpexe, the JFA First National Team was using the Polar Team Pro system. The service and consultancy leading up to the purchase of the gpexe system were excellent!

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Emails were answered promptly; communication and assistance were constant and professional. The gpexe pro² is an intuitive and easy-to-use system and software. It provides us with in-depth data, allowing us to closely monitor the training load and prevent injuries. The data that I mainly focus on is Equivalent Distance, Anaerobic Index, Edwards TL, Eccentric Index, and of course all types of distances (sprints, high intensity runs, etc.). Another amazing feature is the creation of multiple sessions within one training session; it’s very useful when we have one or more players in rehab and training, with the physios on the side, as well as when we have two groups on the day-after game (recovery group and compensation group). Thanks to the data provided by the gpexe system, we have more precise information about the training load, which facilitates the task of injury prevention. The gpexe team is always available for immediate and efficient assistance. Thank you, everyone, for your availability!

Karim Malouche

Head of Performance, Jordan FA, 2019

Gpexe has been a fantastic tool as part of our high performance program throughout 2020. The devices and software provide a fast, reliable and highly accurate assessment of training load that we can utilise to provide the most effective training possible across both our professional and development programs.
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The data collection process is very user friendly and allows for efficient tracking and feedback for both S&C and skills coaches, particularly in regards to the speed of upload as well as the ability to customise variables to measure. We are excited about our partnership with gpexe and look forward to continued use of their devices in our program.

Henry Gilbert

Head S & C Coach, Manawatū Turbos Rugby, 2020

Together with RPE (Borg scale), the gpexe data permit to manage the training load of my players in a terrific way.

Matteo Osti

Fitness Coach, Inter FC, 2018

The gpexe allows me to have a more complete control of the training load, with a detail which I could not obtain with the cardiac frequency alone.

Antonio Del Fosco

Fitness Coach, Empoli FC, 2018

Great working with the gpexe system: it allowed us to get a clear picture of our training sessions in just a couple of minutes after the drill!

Angelo Pelati

Fitness Coach, Parma Calcio Academy, 2017

Trustworthy company and great product for match and training analysis. Easy to use, intuitive and constantly updated software. Maximum support from commercial and scientific department.

Giacomo Schillaci

Fitness Coach, Pro Vercelli FC Academy, 2017

Device and software are very easy to use. Very innovative and intuitive metrics for sports training.

Stefano Fiorini

President, AIPAC, 2017

Gpexe plays a crucial role in our weekly training schedule. It always seemed to me simple and effective to use. Also, it is a very important tool to make key decisions concerning the performance of our players and to ensure that training intensity matches with our expectations and games. Plus, the level of service provided has always been first-rate, highly efficient.

Luis Gutierrez

Fitness Coach, New York Cosmos, 2017

Gpexe is an effective tool, it offers the possibility to evaluate the training load of the team and to evaluate the individual.

Claudio Donatelli

Fitness Coach, Italy National Team, 2017

Gpexe is now an indispensable tool for quantifying and adjusting every player’s weekly load. It’s very useful also for analysing the match performance, comparing it to the latest matches or to literature references.

Mattia Garrone

Fitness Coach, Lausanne FC, 2017

Reliable and accurate tool. The strength of the system is its web application, which always takes user feedback into account.

Claudio Selmi

Fitness Coach, Empoli FC, 2017

We have been using the Gpexe system since 2014 and it has proven to be a valuable support in the training load control. I appreciate the reliability of the data and how this tool allows a very quick data download.

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It means optimising the time available and enabling us to provide useful data to the technical staff shortly after the end of the training session. Gpexe web app also permits us to customise our daily reports according to our needs.

Alessandro Fonte

Fitness Coach, SS Lazio, 2020

We choose gpexe because I found it a very smart tool from the very beginning; because there’s a community that works, with top-level professionals behind it. Because there is a physiologist like Professor di Prampero who is unquestionably the best in the field so far. read more

Also, there are people like Cristian and Andrea coming straight from the pitch, knowing that we daily spend most of our time there. They perfectly understand what the problems are and what our requests are. Plus, it’s a tool which is easily readable by the athletes and the staff.

Paolo Barbero

Fitness Coach, Hellas Verona, 2020

Working with gpexe has given us a realistic viewpoint, not only of the external but also the internal effort loads.
The average metabolic power has been helping me detect injuries which players would not be so open about. The equivalent index % has allowed us to calculate more accurately player load in matches & during weekly training which has decreased the number of injuries throughout the year. read more

Also thanks to the accurate power events & direction, the technical coach could also sit with the players & go through match sections.
Using gpexe with three football clubs in Malta, I have never found problems with connectivity, loss of data or unreliable readings.
The company itself has been extraordinarily quick to reply to any queries raised & this has been extremely helpful in a fast-moving World.
Nigel Michael McCarthy

Fitness Coach, St Lucia F.C, St Andrews F.C, 2019

Exelio srl is a company that is tremendous to work with. They always try to improve the software and customer experience. Their virtually 24/7 availability and readiness to answer every client’s question is remarkable and shows how important it is for the company not only to create the best GPS system on the market but to help players and coaches do their job without any hassle. It is the company many should take an example from.

Adam Kilian

Director, New Level Sport, 2019

Monitoring and management of the external and internal training loads with gpexe is real pleasure.

Gpexe system + gpexe team = first-rate service!

Dejan Djingarski

Data Analyst, Pandev Academy FC, 2017

Gpexe is an excellent tool to analyze the training workload of the player on the pitch. Furthermore, from this season we started athletes using the system also to plan and monitor activities of who are recovering from an injury.
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The opportunity to evaluate objectively and in real-time the performance, allows both to verify directly on the field if the training session goal is reached and to avoid possible “spikes” that may affect the recovery of the injured player.

Alberto Botter

Fitness Coach, Udinese Calcio, 2017

Fast, intuitive, and reliable information ready at my disposal for my daily work.

Sergio Mascheroni

Fitness Coach, Foggia Calcio, 2017

Accuracy at your fingertips: all the data you need in a heartbeat.

Fabio Allevi

Fitness Coach, Foggia Calcio, 2017

I have been using the system for four seasons and I am very pleased with its continuous improvements thanks to the gpexe team. In terms of data analysis, it is important to keep up to date with the latest technology and trends and we feel we are able to do so through the use of gpexe.

Erik Svendsen

Fitness Coach, Watford FC, 2017

Professional innovative high-tech tool that provides accurate data and metrics.

Antonio Bovenzi

Fitness Coach, Torino FC, 2017

Being a fitness coach of a national team, I can only work with my players sporadically and for this reason gpexe it’s a very helpful tool that allows me to keep track about their performance, in a very quick and easy way, even though I am not constantly in touch with them.

Alberto Bellè

Fitness Coach, Albania National Team, 2017

Gpexe is an excellent tool for programming compensating workouts; it also allows us to study the correlation between quantitative and qualitative performance during matches and between internal and external load values during training sessions.

Gabriele Bagattini

Fitness Coach, Lausanne FC, 2017

Reliable and accurate system. I can finally investigate the power profile and the fatigue of each player, during a match or a training session, all over the season.

Paolo Lazzarin

Fitness Coach, U.C. Albinoleffe, 2016

Gpexe is a valuable tool that allows me to obtain useful information on the external load from each athlete. It is interesting and useful to understand what our proposal lead to and to plan the training sessions accordingly.

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I also believe it is important to share the data collected with the players in order to make them involved in the process and aware of what we have to achieve.

Gianluca Spinelli

Goalkeeper Coach, PSG, 2020

My relationship with exelio / gpexe has developed and strengthened since mid-2018. From both a product and personnel perspective there has been an element of class from start to finish.

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I have been able to work with the product in both Malaysia and Thailand and it has proved to be successful, to individuals and the group as a whole.

Technology is ever developing and the support given has been second to none and more so in situations that need that extra touch due to the football landscape in South-East Asia. For those looking to develop and implement high performance technology, look no further.

Matt Holland

Director, Capital Performance, 2020

The senior men’s football panel use gpexe global positioning system (GPS) technology, to improve player and team performance. The backroom staff use the satellite-derived data to analyse player performance and monitor each individuals workload.
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This helps the management team to enhance the physical performance of the lilywhites, and reduce injury risk. A gpexe tracker can fit in the palm of your hand and is worn in a sports vest under a players jersey. The trackers have become increasingly important during current COVID-19 restrictions. Players can continue to use gpexe from their homes, making sure they can stay at the peak of their physical powers. Since its first application to the field and team sports in 2006, GPS technology has been used to detect fatigue in matches, compare intensity profiles according to player position, compare competition skill levels, and identify the most intense periods of play.
Eoghan Boyle

Sport Scientist, Kildare, 2020

I have been using gpexe system for the last six months, I have to say it’s like having another fitness coach assistant next to me, the software is simple and easy to use. The customer service the company has is excellent, any time I have a question they are at my disposal no matter what day or what time it is.

George Georgiu

Fitness Coach, Anorthosis Famagusta, 2018

First of all, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to use a “Made in Italy” world excellence product for our national teams. Then, gpexe allows all the fitness coaches around the world who train Italy soccer players, to fully and easily access to the athlete’s data, Immediately from any connected device… and this saves a lot of time!

Elena Castellini

Data analyst, Italy National Team, 2018

I have worked with other monitoring systems and I think gpexe is the most complete system to make a thorough analysis of the athletes. The system is easy to use, the devices are very reliable and, for me, the metrics are the main advantage, useful for both metabolic and mechanical evaluations of the performance.

Ruben Cipriano

Fitness Coach, Granada FC, 2017

High quality and high accuracy in this totally made in Italy tool. It allows us to understand some important details of the training sessions that would otherwise be ignored.

Alessandro Pilati

Fitness Coach, Genoa CFC, 2017

We have been using gpexe for a few years now, and thanks to its 20 Hz accuracy we are always able to get a clear picture about our athletes’ work. The software is really complete and at the same time its straightforwardness allows us to extrapolate all the data we need to make our analysis and plan our daily work.

Paolo Solustri

Fitness Coach, Torino FC, 2017

We have been using gpexe for a few years now, and thanks to its 20 Hz accuracy we are always able to get a clear picture about our athletes’ work. The software is really complete and at the same time its straightforwardness allows us to extrapolate all the data we need to make our analysis and plan our daily work.

Paolo Solustri

Fitness Coach, Torino FC, 2017

Gpexe is an Italian excellence in the world.

Andrea Scanavino

Fitness Coach, Inter FC, 2017

Gpexe provides accurate and reliable information through a very practical and user friendly software.

Roberto Peressutti

Fitness Coach, Empoli FC, 2016

I’m delighted for the easiness to get a clear picture of all the season in just a couple of clicks.

Paolo Paveglio

Fitness Coach, UPC Tavagnacco, 2016

It’s a really fast and user friendly tool.

Christian La Rocca

Researcher and Rugby Coach, Moncalieri Rugby ASD, 2016